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Changes to Code of Conduct


The Board of Trustees of the Landscape Institute has agreed a number of changes to the Code of Conduct to which all members of the Landscape Institute are required to adhere.

The previous Code of Conduct was written at the time of the granting of the Royal Charter, and was an important part of the new documentation that was put in place at that time. It was written in close consultation with the Architects Registration Board, and followed the ARB format. Since then the style and nature of such Codes of Conduct have generally been modernized, and become more reflective of the attributes considered necessary for each profession. The changes agreed in 2012 by the Landscape Institute Board of Trustees are as follows:

1.The Code now carries the title ‘Code of Standards of Conduct and Practice for Landscape Professionals’.

2.The standards have been divided into groups, indicating those which are concerned with promoting professional attitudes (standards 1-5); promoting professional competence (standards 6-7) and promoting trust in professional relationships (standards 8-13). Although these cover substantially the same ground as the old standards they are more distinctly identified.

3.Standard 2 expands upon Standard 1.1 in the previous Code, which required members to avoid involvement in anything that might be discreditable to the profession. The new code includes a new requirement not to discriminate.

4.Standard 5 is explicit about proper conduct including not taking or accepting bribes. This was implicit in Standard 1 of the previous Code but has been revised in the light of the Bribery Act 2010.

5.Standard 7, which concerns professional competence, is more explicit than the old Standard 6 which addressed the same theme. Standard 7 makes explicit that members are required to maintain their CPD and their evidence of having done so. It also makes explicit the responsibility of members who employ staff to support their professional development.

6.Standard 13 requires members to have a written procedure for dealing with complaints from clients or others. Standard 12 in the previous code required prompt and appropriate handling of complaints but did not specify the need for a written procedure.

The Code can be downloaded from the Landscape Institute website.

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