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Flocks and Pylons

By Ruth Slavid
This serigraph, which is about 1m wide, is by landscape artist Carry Akroyd and shows a well-known line of pylons near her Northamptonshire home, with a flock of starlings flying overhead. ‘All of my work comes from walking about in the landscape,’ she says. ‘I live in an area of very intense agricultural production – it is like a defiance to see the beauty in it.’ She is particularly interested in seeing paths and tracks and traces of old fields and in how animals, and particularly birds, experience the landscape.

To make the serigraph, Carry uses torn paper and card in what she describes as ‘a very simple way of working’. The complexity comes from the fact that each colour layer has a different printed element. Finally she hand paints some details on top of the print, which means that although this serigraph is one in a series of five, it is subtly different from all the others and so is a unique piece of work. •

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